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Famous Danang French restaurant for intimate gatherings

31 Aug 2023

Cabanon Palace, a famous Danang French restaurant, which creates the homey and enchanting atmosphere, will spice up your intimate hideaways.

Here at a Danang French restaurant, each feature, a kind of wine or a tasty meal, ignites spark to endure your deep talk. Delve into the story behind every delectable dish while admiring the city’s serene nightlife inside the cozy corner. Such an incredible experience that can be found nowhere but Cabanon Palace!

The inspiring story crafts Cabanon’s family spirit

The founders, who were nurtured by the traditional flavors of their own family’s recipe, have a deep connection to French culinary culture. Driven by an unwavering passion to share the richness and authenticity of their homeland’s specials to the world, they embark on a journey bringing Provence’s essence to Central Vietnam. In 2013, after leaving their hometown in Marseille, they came to Danang and set the foundation for a culinary haven named Cabanon Palace. French-inspired techniques absorbed by the founders, which merge with premium seafood ingredients from the coastal city, elevate the flavors into a whole new level for a unique taste adventure.

Famous Danang French restaurant for intimate gatherings

The founders with strong desire of French cuisine

At this Danang French restaurant, each dish is a story and the chefs are storytellers. For that reason, patrons are not only invited to a feast of cuisine arts, but also granted a gateway to the warmth of a traditional French family gathering. As you step into this ideal setting, staff greets you with a welcoming smile, like you are a part of an extended family. Every interaction feels like reconnecting with long-lost relatives. They take time to make every dish delicately  tailored to your preferences, which stems from a genuine desire to evoke a sense of coming home for all esteemed guests. Here, each moment is a celebration of togetherness and shared experience as we bring people much closer, deepen existing relationships and even forge new ones. 

Famous Danang French restaurant for intimate gatherings

Dedicated services with family spirit

Danang French restaurant’s space embodies a fusion of sophistication, opulence and warmth

With a view overlooking Danang’s sparkling nightlife, Cabanon Palace becomes an irresistible choice for those seeking for a spot to escape the hustle and bustle. Whether you opt for indoor or outdoor seating, the panoramic view before your very eyes is nothing short of perfect. Only at this restaurant can guests “hang out” in a serene atmosphere while enjoying the picture of high-rises with shimmering colorful lights, which gently beautify the tranquil night sky. Imagine yourself engaged in a fine mealtime with your beloved in a space enveloped by this scenery. What an invaluable chance!

Famous Danang French restaurant for intimate gatherings

Elegant space overlooking shimmering Danang’s nightlife

Inside this well-known Danang French restaurant, time seems to slow down. Guests indulge themselves in the walls decorated with vintage French patterns, letting the Parisian vibe come to their mind. Classic French furnishings, from the plush velvet chair to polished wooden tables, entirely remind everyone of the enchanting France. Moreover, understanding the need for privacy, we have thoughtfully arranged the seating to ensure that your personal space is respected and maintained. 

Famous Danang French restaurant for intimate gatherings

The space with a sense of opulence and elegance

Every minute detail in this French culinary haven creates a sense of elegance and refinement. The fine linens and the exquisite tableware are carefully placed in perfect alignment in advance of your entrance. By this way, the setup in which functionality blends well with aesthetic appeal, not only shows our professionalism but also ensures guests’ satisfaction. 

Famous Danang French restaurant for intimate gatherings

Sophisticated table setup

Special culinary offerings set the stage for conversations


Suppose you are wandering on the charming streets in Paris, Lamb Shank Confit is the first flavor that springs to your mind, isn’t it? Being careful of selecting the highest-quality meat ingredients, along with a perfect confit progress is the key to making this meal a culinary excellence. The lamb shank, seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices, crafts a melt-in-your-mouth feeling infused with a variety of flavors. However, the Lamb Shank Confit can not become the soul of mealtime without being slowly cooked with red wine, as it takes the main flavor from great to exceptional, and complements its entire richness.

Famous Danang French restaurant for intimate gatherings

Lamb Shank Confit


Embodying special traits of the coastal city’s seafood, Spiny Lobster is typically cooked using traditional French techniques to entice guests with natural flavors. The grilled lobster, served with black noodles, brings out its sweet and tender flesh merging into rich butter sauce and herbal fragrance. With every bite, Cabanon Palace makes foodies get lost in the enchanting Provence village. Then, the intimate conversation continues to flow…

Famous Danang French restaurant for intimate gatherings

Spiny Lobster


Bisque Crab becomes not just a dish but a culinary narrative. As you savor each spoonful, the special flavors made from fresh crab flesh, combined with aromatic anise, explodes in either palate or mind. It is perfect to dip a slice of crispy bread into the velvety sauce and soak up its rich flavors. Come here, have a sip of wine and let every smoothing texture touch your deep conversation’s emotion.

Bisque Crab

Cabanon Palace proudly serves you exquisite culinary offerings which transport everyone to the heart of enchanting France - an extraordinary experience that can not be found at another Danang French restaurant!

Contact Information: 

Address: 27-29 Loseby street, Son Tra, Da Nang. 21st floor of the Cordial Grand Hotel

Telephone: +84(0)796653020


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