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Cabanon Palace And Chef’s Story

20 Jul 2023

Discover the heart and soul of French Seafood Cuisine in Danang, Cabanon Palace, led by the exemplary Chef Hélio and his partners.

What makes a good French restaurant? Is it the people? Is it the type of French Cuisine? To put it simply, it is all of that and also the stories each dish represents. Let's dive into this seafood bonanza and see why Cabanon Palace is a favorite amongst Danang restaurants.

Cabanon Palace - The authentic flavor from French Riviera

Cabanon Palace And Chef Helio’s Story

Chef Helio 

Amidst one of the oldest fisherman families in Marseille, the cherished recipes of Hélio’s family permeated his being, and stirred a deep passion for the culinary arts within him. Hélio, together with his wife Chloe and his brother Nathan, were united by their shared vision for the French culinary journey stemming from their deep-rooted passion and strong commitment to capture the souls of Provence within every dish. With such a deep appreciation, the trio harbored a dream of creating a culinary destination that would transport guests to bustling markets in France.  

In 2013, 𝐂𝐚𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 𝐏𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞 started a family business in Da Nang; a city filled with high-quality ingredients, particularly fresh seafood. Hence, we are able to maintain the integrity of classic tastes with a blend of regional ingredients. From the passion for cooking with grandma’s recipes, the traditional flavors of Provence and Corsica food, to the space and service that reflects the warmth of a snug family. With the best elements from the quintessence of the French Riviera, 𝐂𝐚𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧 𝐏𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞 brings the best possible culinary experience to you.

There's also a reason why Chef Hélio and his family chose the Rooftop as the location for Cabanon Palace. The Hélio family strongly believes in creating and running a restaurant that focuses on the full package in which they provide not just good food, but also outstanding service and a beautiful atmosphere. The view that surrounds the restaurant at the Cordial Grand Hotel is just perfect to accompany you in your time feasting on Southern French delights. It's a view that contains mountain landscapes, a city skyline, and a panoramic sea. A view that is non-existent in any other French restaurants in Danang. This is why the Hélio Family chose the Rooftop restaurant and bar as the perfect “palace” for their restaurant as they want to create unforgettable memories through not only good food and service but also sensational views.

Cabanon Palace And Chef Helio’s Story

Chef Helio pouring crab bisque

Delectable Delights of Cabanon Palace

The dishes here at Cabanon Palace are a harmony of different ingredients, some from the local markets of Danang, and some from the local markets in Marseille. Every dish has its own unique story but all of them bring the same levels of satisfaction. Here are some of the best recommendations provided by Chef Helio.

Cabanon Palace And Chef Helio’s Story

Spiny Lobster with Squid ink pasta and French oysters.

The Spiny Lobster and squid ink pasta is one of Chef Helio’s signature dishes which was, believe it or not, not even supposed to be on the menu. However, its wonderful combination of flavors transports you to a new level of culinary satisfaction. 

The French Oysters provide diners with a burst of fresh flavors, along with zesty notes of lemons. The perfect dish to tease your appetite, leaving you craving for more dishes that lie ahead at your time in Cabanon Palace. The oysters are specially imported from France which is why the oysters are sweeter than the local oysters of Danang.

After feasting on an array of savory dishes, it's time to escape to the sweetness and bitterness of Chocolate cakes. The recipe for Chocolate cake was handed down from Chef Helio’s mother. A cake that was enjoyed by Chef Helio’s family in moments of celebrations and success. Experience the sweet taste of celebration and success through this cake, combined with the perfect harmony of sweet and bitter notes from the chocolate.  A meal at Cabanon Palace would be incomplete without a cheeky plate of desert.

Delicious food paired with a scenic French Restaurant

Besides the plethora of authentic and traditional dishes that Cabanon Palace produces, everything in and surrounding the restaurant just screams unforgettable beauty. Starting with the interior of the restaurant, coated with a grand and luxurious design.


Cabanon Palace And Chef Helio’s Story

Warm ambience, beautiful views

Creating a romantic and warm ambience perfect for any occasion. Furthermore, the scenic views of Danang City, mountains, and the panoramic sea make your dining experience even more memorable.

The ambience and views of Cabanon Palace make it the perfect place for heartfelt anniversaries, hard-earned celebrations, and warm reunions.

Service that makes you feel like family

A major element that we continue to commit to at our restaurant is providing unbeatable service to our diners. From the very moment you step in the door, our passionate team strives to make you feel as comfortable as possible. From walking you through our menu of delectable Southern French dishes to making your table as comfortable as possible, service standards are one of the main elements we are committed to maintain and improve at Cabanon Palace.

To us, Cabanon Palace is not just a French Seafood Restaurant, it's a family. 

Cabanon Palace And Chef Helio’s Story

Contact Info

Find us at: Cordial Grand Hotel, 21th floor, 27-29 Loseby, Street, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng 550000.

Contact us: +84(0)796653020 


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